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"I." is a webcomic drawn by anyone. All the images featured are found around the web just googling simple tags. They all are under this Creative Commons License or public domain. I just edited everything in order to do the story. There will be a new episode more or less once a week. Go to my Picasa album to read the whole comic so far.

If you are an artist and do you want me to include your artwork in my comic just email me your pictures.

October 21, 2010 at 5:08am
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Episode #23, Where I creates the schizobot

Credits for this episode: Encyclopædia Britannica, 11th ed., Vol. 12, p. 97, Doctcur O’FOLLOWELL, Methfessel, Scan of the 1841 edition of Punch magazine by Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreader, Ossi Mauno, Madamme Lavoisier, Thumbscrew and Rack pamphlet by G.E.Macdonald, An Elizabethan Bestiary - Retold, by Jeffery Beam, illustrations by Ippy Patterson, Biology Today, 1972 psychedelic textbook, Pearson Scott Foresman

September 18, 2010 at 1:03pm
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"I." is on hiatus, because it become a regular blog of the Italian online newspaper Il Post. Once the Italian episodes will be enough, I’ll start publishing the English episodes as well. Thank you very much, and if you can read Italian follow it here!

September 5, 2010 at 8:43am
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Episode #22.

Psychology for dummies.

Just sit down and wait the slides.

Drawings and credits: Pearson Scott Foresman, Kiado , The New Student’s Reference Work, 5 volumes, Chicago, 1914, Richard Partridge (1805-1873), Monika Beisner, illus. for The Thumbtown Toad by George Mendoza (1971) Nouveau Larousse Illustré, Ramsey everydaypants.

August 30, 2010 at 9:03am
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Episode #21.

Where I. thinks about a Poetics

Just sit down and wait the slides.

Drawings and credits: Fanny Lemira Gillette, George J Hagar, Yoshitaro Isaka, Paul Landacre, America’s youth bill of right, Di Stinging Eyes, Rack Rackham, Nordisk familjebok, Dorothy Lathrop, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe, Pier Paolo Pasolini, William Shakespeare.

August 22, 2010 at 6:49am
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Episode #20.

Notes on suicide.

Just sit down and wait the slides.

Drawings and credits:  Walt Disney, Jacques Hnizdovsky, Ezra Riply, Anders Pearson, Pearson Scott Foresman, Dorothy Lathrop, Eli Levin, Gustave Dorè, Albertus Magnus, Benjamin Faucett, Folksy Fruits, 1924, Shipley, A. E., Fledgling, serbian 70s youth magazine, 11, A Journey Round my Skull, John Milton.

August 9, 2010 at 5:04pm
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Episode #19.

Where I. walks beyond Good and Evil.

Just sit down and wait the slides.

Drawings and credits: 922 Merchant’s Buying Guide NOTIONS, page 135; Carson Pirie Scott & Co., C.T. Bingham, Evers, Henry, LL.D.: “Steam and the Steam Engine” (1880), Ram Rischmann, propoganda poster from The Free Information Society, F.W. Nietzsche, Adolf Hitler.

August 1, 2010 at 5:01am
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Episode #18.

Where I. starts to dream.

Just sit down and wait the slides.

Drawings and credits: "The Eagle Magician" magazine, March, 1918, Weltchronik di Hartmann Schedels, La bête du Gévaudan, Dr. Karl Rothe, Ferdinand Frank, Josef Steigl, Collin de Plancy, Ella M. Beebe Picture Primer (New York: American Book Company, 1910), Theodor Hosemann, Pamela Colman Smith, Jean Cantarch, Shakespeare.

July 28, 2010 at 12:02pm
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Episode #17.

Where I. meets the Zen Gnome

Just sit down and wait the slides.

Drawings and credits: Lucas, Jr.; George W., McQuarrie; Ralph, Johnston; Joseph E. W. Schmidt: Herons von Alexandria Druckwerke und Automatentheater, gr-dt, 1899, Pearson Scott Foresman, Antonas, Janina Sylwestrzak, Rejewski’s daughter, Taosim (wikiquote).

July 21, 2010 at 8:57am
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Episode #16.

About special people.

Just sit down and wait the slides.

Drawings and credits: tastybit, U.S Navy, Aep5cy, an ad for Dr. McLaughlin’s Electric Belt, Michelangelo, Pearson Scott Foresman, Alexander Bida, Gesù Cristo.

July 15, 2010 at 11:20am
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Episode #15.

Where I. looks for work.

Just sit down and wait the slides.

Drawings and credits: Brama w Sachsenhause by jpatokal,  Landleben: Darstellung bäuerlicher Arbeit; Reusch, Rudolf Friedrich. 1865. Die nordischen Göttersagen. Page 110. Digitized by Google Books. George Călinescu, Istoria literaturii române de la origini până în prezent, Editura Minerva, Bucharest, 1986, p.252, advertisement in a women’s magazine 1888, Desmond A. 1989. The politics of evolution. p78, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Applications Manual for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation Page 54, Figure 5, aeneastudio